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How to install a minimal eclipse

Everytime I go to the Eclipse Homepage i find myself searching for the right download. Usually I just want the plain Eclipse. That means:

Usually I manage to accomplish neither of those. So here's what you need to download to get a plain Eclipse as small as possible but still be able to run it.

  1. go to the Eclipse Homepage
  2. find the download section
  3. scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. click "Other downloads"
  5. click on the link in the second column of "Latest Release"
  6. get the "Platform Runtime Binary" download (it should be about 40 - 50 MB)
  7. Consider yourself happy you just needed a 6 step how-to to find a plain Eclipse version without any plugins.

Now what can you do with the a plain eclipse that seems to have no usefull functions?

Happy Holidays to whom it may concern.

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