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Ubuntu certified for HP servers

Ubuntu just announced a certification for the server version 9.04 on HP Proliant G6 servers (see also HP Press release about this).

It seems I finally have to consider Ubuntu for our servers. Not something I'm too pleased with as my previous experience has been less than good. One bug I ran into burned itself into my memory.

The bug was a cyrus-imapd linked to a version of libdb it wasn't compiled against. As a result you could nicely see it segfault but that was it. The real tragedy in this bug was actually a couple of things:

I can understand that things like these can happen - even in an LTS release, even in main - but the time it took to repair the trivial issue just doesn't make me feel comfortable with Ubuntu on our servers.

Fortunately Debian is also supported on HP Proliant servers, and has even been supported for much longer than the just recently released G6 Family of HP's servers. Hopefully HP won't drop support for Debian that would be a real pita.

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