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SCO Boredom sues strikes again

A nice information from Groklaw just dropped in to my newsreader. SCO, the company that tried to sue Linux (Timeline at Groklaw) strikes again. Will they never get it? Apart from that they haven't shown any sign of having evidence that there was actually code stolen from Unix another lawsuit already settled clearly showed that the rights for what they base their statements on, are with Novell.

As the recent post at Groklaw points out, SCO seems to be acquired by a group called unXis, Inc.

Personally I'm more than bored by this news, I'd have thought that somehow even lawyers should be bored by now. Who are they goingt to sue anyway, a couple of companies in he U.S.?

As far as I know SCO wouldn't stand a chance here in good old Europe without showing any evidence. If they would simply put the facts on the table I guess there would be quite a couple of kernel hackers that would rewrite much of the code so that I wasn't copied, probably even be happy about being pointed to it. If the code is really that old, there's my guess is that there by now are interfaces in the kernel that would hopefully lead to a much nicer solution than what SCO considers to be their code.

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