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Directions of Database Support in Icinga

The people form Icinga started a poll about the kind of database support users want to see with ido-utils (Icinga Data Out).

I voted quite early in the process and the results were more than promising from my point of view. MySQL and PostgreSQL had each about 50% with PostgreSQL having a few percent less than MySQL, after some time (16 days), the results are now quite different.

PostgreSQL is still on the second place, Oracle on the 3rd place with only about half the votes of PostgreSQL. However MySQL clearly seems to be the database of choice most users want with nearly twice as many votes as PostgreSQL.

As of today (2009-06-24) the results look like this:

Icinga Database Poll

That was quite a move. I still hope to see PostgreSQL to be supported very soon, personally I consider the feature-set of PostgreSQL to be far superior to that of MySQL

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