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Python 3.1 Release

Great news: 2 days ago Python 3.1 has been released.

You can find the ChangeLog here. Personally I find these fixes great (not any specific order):

- Issue #1655: Make imaplib IPv6-capable. Patch by Derek Morr.
- Issue #1664: Make nntplib IPv6-capable. Patch by Derek Morr.
- Issue #4868: utf-8, utf-16 and latin1 decoding are now 2x to 4x faster. The common cases are optimized thanks to a dedicated fast path and a moderate amount of loop unrolling.
- Issue #4874: Most builtin decoders now reject unicode input.
- Issue #3959: The ipaddr module has been added to the standard library. Contributed by Google.
- The json module now works exclusively with str and not bytes.
I nearly missed it but my RSS Reader was kind enough to remind me, first found it on this blog post

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