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Where are the BSD Licensed "Enterprise Filesystems"?

A very simple question.

Where is the "Enterprise Filesystem" licensed in a pure BSD way?

I know ZFS has been implemented by OpenSolaris (well yeah...that's the origin of ZFS) as well as FreeBSD but the CDDL is not without critique in the BSD community. The OpenBSD people consider the CDDL even more restrivtive than GNU/GPL.

So a question to all the guys and girls who are able to create a filesystem (I can't my coding skills are nowhere near to be able to create one), where is the BSD licensed filesystem with all the new features that make a hype?

I'm thinking about stuff like this (thou maybe not complete, somebody may have an absolutely usefull new idea that obsoletes all these features

*This may not be a Problem now, but I do get why Sun chose to make ZFS a 128-bit filesystem

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