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Easy Installation of VirtualBox on OpenSolaris (and maybe other stuff)

So I was looking how to install VirtualBox under OpenSolaris. My first thought was a simple

pkg install virtualbox

or similiar would be enough. It isn't :).

Looking around I found that the nice people from Sun provide an easy way to install VirtualBox. Note: I don't really care about the newest and best features to be available but I like it when things are easy to manage - no really! Here's how to get VirtualBox by simply using pkg with an official IPS repository.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your Sun Account (yes unfortunately you need one) - If you don't have an account register it
  3. You'll be presented with a "Certificate Requests" page, simply choose the OpenSolaris extras repository and request your certificate
  4. Follow the instructions (copy stuff to /var/pkg/ssl, pkg set-authority)
  5. pkg install virtualbox
  6. wait
  7. Be happy with a shiny new VirtualBox installation...

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