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Giving your password away...

Thank you dear UPC...

Me: I need $INFORMATION for my account, my customer id is....

Customer Service: Ah...yeah...well. To give you that information you need to tell me your customer password.

Me: Errr what? How am I sure you aren't misusing it after I give it to you?

Customer Service: Oh, don't worry. I can't actually see the password. I have a programm that only verifies wether the password you tell me is the same that is stored in our system. So I never actually know the password.

Me: *facepalm* need my password!?

Customer Service: Yes, as I told you I will never know your password I can only compare wether it's correct or not.

Me: If I tell you the password you know it right?

Customer Service: well, no...yes...To give you the information you requested I need your customer password!

Me: *sigh* ....

I finally gave up. I changed my password in the web interface, told the guy this password, and then changed it again. This is so wrong on so many levels.

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