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Create .dmg Images for OS X on Linux

Those are the kinds of gems hidden in bugreports:

If you cant create the image on a mac because of the build process, here is how you can do it under linux:

  1. Create a image file, the size is fixed. (dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/eclipse.dmg bs=1M count=130)
  2. Get the hfsutils (for redhat or suse: hfsutils-3.2.6-1.i386.rpm from and install them.
  3. Format the image file: hformat -l Eclipse /root/eclipse.dmg
  4. Mount the image: mount -t hfs -o loop /root/eclipse.dmg /mnt/test
  5. Copy files into the volume
  6. Unmount the volume: umount /mnt/test
  7. Thats it.

via Bug 106350 – Feature Request: distributing eclipse.dmg instead of .tar.gz for the mac platform.

Applying these instructions to your distro is left as an exercise for the reader.

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