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Basic EC2 Getting Started

Basic EC2 Getting Started

  1. Set up the amazon EC2 API tools
  2. Create an X.509 Keypair from the Amazon website
  3. Set up the environment accordingly
    # required environment for EC2 tools EC2_HOME EC2_PRIVATE_KEY EC2_CERT JAVA_HOME # add ec2 tools to default path!
  4. Create an SSH keypair

    Logins on EC2 only allow public key authentication — and that is a good thing!

    # only one time (per host that is authorized for this image) ec2-add-keypair my-keypair cat < ~/.ec2/id_rsa-my-keypair > -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- >... > -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY----- > EOF chmod 0600 ~/.ec2/id_rsa-my-keypair
  5. Find an instance to run
    ec2-describe-images -a
  6. Run an instance

    Instances of type m1.small must be 32-bit images!

    ec2-run-instances -k my-keypair  -t m1.small
  7. Find out what’s running on EC2
  8. Grant access to the instances
    # only one time -- allows SSH access from anywhere for all instances ec2-authorize default -p 22
  9. Shut everything down again

    Keeps the bill low :)


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